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About MoYa Yarns
MoYa yarns are:
• Hand dyed
• Double Knit
• 100% Cotton
• Super soft
• Have a high twist
• Proudly made in South Africa
MoYa yarns - sui generis - are a kind of its own - no two balls of yarn are exactly the same.
Our yarns should be washed on a delicate cycle and should be washed separately on the
first cycle, as there might be residual surface dye, due to being hand dyed.
MoYa yarns should be dried flat and tumble drying is not recommended. MoYa yarns are
sold in 50 gram balls, which is approximately 135 meters of yarn. We recommend a needle
size of 3 - 4 with a hook size of 3.5 - 4.


my-amazon my-burntfudge my-camo
Amazon Burnt Fudge  Camo
my-cobalt.jpg my-coral my-dustypink
Cobalt Coral Dusty Pink
my-fern my-natural my-purple
Fern Natural


my-thunder.jpg my-denim my-turquoise
Thunder Denim Turquise


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