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Die Werksmandjie offers:

Brand Name Stylecraft
Yarn Name Special DK
Shade Code 1009
Shade Name Bottle
Man. Part Code 904
Yarn Weight DK
Ball Weight 100 grams
Length 295 metres
Needle Size 4mm
Blend 100% Acrylic
Tension 22 stitches and 30 rows for a 10x10cm tension square using 4mm needles
Special-DK-Apricot-1026.jpg Special-DK-Pomegranate-1083.jpg Special-DK-Fiesta-1257.jpg

Special DK 1026 Apricot

Special DK 1083 Pomegranate

Special DK 1257 Fiesta

Duck Egg WEB.jpg Cypress WEB.jpg Special-DK-Teal-1062.jpg

Special DK 1820 Duck Egg

Special DK Sage 1725

Special DK 1062 Teal

Parma Violet.jpg Pistachio WEB.jpg Grass Green WEB.jpg

Special DK 1724 Parma Violet

Special DK 1822 Pistachio

Special DK 1821 Grass Green

Special-DK-Stone-1710.jpg Lime 1712.jpg Storm Blue.jpg

Special DK 1710 Stone

Special DK 1712 Lime

Special DK 1722 Storm Blue

Special-DK-Petrol-1708A.jpg Speical-DK-Gold-1709.jpg Special-DK-Spice-1711.jpg

Special DK 1708 Petrol

Special DK 1709 Gold

Special DK 1711 Spice

Special-DK-Emperor-1425.jpg Special-DK-Wisteria-1432.jpg Special-DK-Bright-Pink-1435.jpg

Special DK 1425 Emperor

Special DK 1432 Wisteria

Special DK 1435 Bright Pink

Special-DK-Camel-1420.jpg Special-Clematis-1390.jpg Special-DK-Aspen-1422.jpg

Special DK 1420 Camel

Special DK 1390 Clematis

Special DK 1422 Aspen

Special-DK-Citron-1263.jpg Special-DK-Denim-1302.jpg Special-DK-Spring-Green-131.jpg

Special DK 1263 Citron

Special DK 1302 Denim

Special DK 1316 Spring Green


Special-DK-Bright-Green-125.jpg Special-DK-Violet-1277.jpg

Special DK 1256 Jaffa

Special DK 1259 Bright Green

Special DK 1277 Violet

Special-DK-Parchment-1218.jpg Special-DK-Fondant-1241.jpg Special-DK-Lipstick-1246.jpg

Special DK 1218 Parchment

Special DK 1241 Fondant

Special DK 1246 Lipstick

Special-DK-Lavnder-1188.jpg Special-DK-Silver1203.jpg Special-DK-Soft-Peach-1240.jpg

Special DK 1188 Lavender

Special DK 1203 Silver

Special DK 1240 Soft Peach

Special-DK-Candyfloss-1130.jpg Special-DK-Claret-1123.jpg Special-DK-Shrimp-1132.jpg

Special DK 1130 Candyfloss

Special DK 1123 Claret

Special DK 1132 Shrimp

Special-DK-Bluebell-1082.jpg Special-DK-Grey-1099.jpg Special-DK-Magenta-1084.jpg

Special DK 1082 Bluebell

Special DK 1099 Grey

Special DK 1084 Magenta

Special-DK-Turquoise-1068.jpg Special-DK-Pale-Rose1080.jpg Special-DK-Saffron-1081.jpg

Special DK 1068 Turquoise

Special DK 1080 Pale Rose

Special DK 1081 Saffron

Special-DK-Mocha-1064.jpg Special-DK-Graphite-1063.jpg Special-DK-Meadow-1065.jpg

Special DK 1064 Mocha

Special DK 1063 Graphite

Special DK 1065 Meadow

Special-DK-Shebert-1034.jpg Special-DK-Burgundy-1035.jpg Special-DK-Plum-1061.jpg

Special DK 1034 Sherbert

Special DK 1035 Burgundy

Special DK 1061 Plum

Special-DK-Raspberry-1023.jpg Special-DK-Khaki-1027.jpg Special-DK-Copper-1029.jpg

Special DK 1023 Raspberry

Special DK 1027 Khaki

Special DK 1029 Copper

Special-DK-Dark-Brown-1004.jpg Special-DK-Cream-1005.jpg Special-DK-Cloud-1019.jpg

Special DK 1004 Dark Brown

Special DK 1005 Cream

Special DK 1019 Cloud Blue

Special-DK-White-1001.jpg Special-DK-Black-1002.jpg Special-DK-Aster-1003.jpg

Special DK 1001 White

Special DK 1002 Black

Special DK 1003 Aster

Empire WEB.jpg    

Special DK 1829 Empire



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